Photo of Erik Ronald with NA-3000. Frank Spada and bar code rod.
Undergraduate geology major Erik Ronald with the Leitz NA-3000 digital level on Ventura Avenue.  The instrument emits an infrared beam that scans two bar-coded, 3 m-long, strut-supported invar leveling rods and determines the height difference between them to plus/minus 0.1 mm.  The bar-coded leveling rods are shown in an accompanying photograph.  Use of a a brand name here does not imply a product endorsement by the University of California or the National Earthquake Hazard Reduction Program. Copyright © Arthur G. Sylvester, 1997. UCSB Seismotectonic Prognostications, Ltd., crewman, Frank Spada, with strut-supported 3 meter-long, invar, bar-coded leveling rod. Copyright © Arthur G. Sylvester 1997.
One of our three Ashtech Z-12 GPS antennae with black receiver box on the ground beneath the tripod. Attached whip antenna is for radio communcation to a similar base station set up several kilometers away. Photograph taken by Peter Morris, 1997.

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