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Annual Report 2011

The USGS and NSF regard precise leveling as passé and consider the only way to do tectonic geodesy is with GPS - and with big, comprehensive arrays at that - even with fixed, continuously recording instruments. Read between those lines and conclude that I have not been funded to continue with my way of doing research for several years. All equipment that was not donated to UNAVCO previously was donated to UNAVCO on December 1, 2011. Now we are really done! Thanks to all of you who put so much blook, sweat, and tears into the work.

I managed to nail people every once in a while to remeasure the nails across the San Andreas fault at Nyland Ranch in San Juan Bautista. They have been measured about 45 times in the last 40 years. Have a look at the latest results. Ah, but the nail line has been paved over, and I won't reestablish it. We're done.

Many of the crew have checked in, but I won't share their adventures with you on the web - you'll have to contact me directly for recent news of individual crew. I can say, however, that I have heard recently from Les Hasbargen.

For those that are interested in such things, I have three grandchildren, one of whom will be running a rod soon, and the others who will be booking. In the meantime, they have a lot of growing to do, one being 13, one being 12, and the other 10 years.


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